Section of the GUACO Band formed since 1983

Kender Medina ...................  Trompeta

Juan Carlos Salas ...........  Trompeta

Norman Cepeda ......... Trombon

Rafael Greco .......... Tenor Sax


A characteristic part of the sound of the band is the strength of the sound that print the brass section to their songs.

   This is a sample taken from GUACO songs where highlights the brass section

01.  A Plena Vista

02.  Con Ella No HAy Salida Fácil

03.  Acere Boncó

04.  Ella

05.  Disco Guaco



06.  Eres Más

07.  Trastornado

08.  Como Camina

09.  Señor Weiss



       Extraordinary lines, a very particular sound, agile phrasing, and challenging rhythms are the unique characteristics of Guaco's horn section. The innovative vision of Juan Carlos Salas has left a distinctive mark on the sound that helps to define this wonderful band.


    For more than fifty years, Guaco has been constantly evolving.  Its beginnings as a folkloric group gave way to a process continuous musical experimentation that has led them to form a unique fusion of exotic diversity. An example of this was the inclusion of a horn section in 1983. The first half decade employed the natural alchemy of a horn section: basic orchestrations and identifiable linear elements steeped in the usual musical language. As the growth and maturation process continued an attitude was created and shaped the "original sound" known to fans and connoisseurs alike.


    Today this section formed by Juan Carlos Salas (trumpet); Kender Medina (trumpet); Norman Cepeda (trombone); and Rafael Greco (saxophone) is considered as a substantial reference in Latin music.




Past and Present: Frank Velázquez —saxofón alto y flauta (1983-1989) Greg Buckley—trompeta y fliscorno (1983-1985) Juan Salas—trompeta y fliscorno (1983 hasta el presente) Norman Cepeda— trombón (1983 hasta el presente) Manuel “Junior” Romero — trompeta ( 1985-1993) Rafael Greco—saxofón tenor, soprano, clarinete bajo y flauta (1988-1999) (2013 hasta el presente) Marcos Campos Salas—saxofón alto y clarinete (1989-1995) Luis Marquez— trompeta (1993) Germán Quintero—trompeta ( 1993-2005) Gustavo Aranguren—trompeta y fliscorno (1995-2001) Julio Flores—saxofón tenor y clarinete bajo (1999-2013) Kender Medina—trompeta y fliscorno (2010 hasta el presente)


Juan Carlos Salas


Juan Carlos Salas- Director Musical y Trompetista


  born in Maracaibo on December 27th, originally studied electrical engineering at the University of Zulia, but finally decided to focus on his musical career eventually becoming the musical director for Guaco. He studied trumpet at the José Luis Paz Conservatory of Music, beginning in 1982, and was an integral part of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Maracaibo.


     Juan Carlos joined Guaco in 1983 as trumpeter, and in 1986, he began to create arrangements on his way to becoming the musical director of Venezuela's Super Band in 1990.


   In addition to being a successful musician, Juan Carlos is also a producer, arranger and recording engineer, that includes both mixing and mastering.


Kender Medina


Kender Medina - Trompetista.


 Nace En Bachaquero Estado Zulia , Licenciado en Música egresado de la Universidad Católica Cecilio Acosta en La Ciudad de Maracaibo , Trompetista y Arreglista.


  Estudio en la cátedra de trompeta del conservatorio José Luis Paz  con el Maestro Manuel Esis desde el Año 1999 al 2003 y también formó parte de La Banda de Concierto Simon Bolivar y de La Orquesta Típica del Estado Zulia.

Kender ha trabajado con diferentes Artistas :Guaco , Oscar D’ Leon , Servando y Florentino , Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gran Coquivacoa , Wilfredo Vargas , Sergio Vegas , Bonny Cepeda , Milly Quesada , Elvis Crespo , Ismael Miranda , Domingo Quiñones , Jerry Rivera , Wilmer Lozano ,Tony vega, Voz Veis, Menudo, entre otros Artistas de los cuales ha formado parte y trabajado.


Kender Medina Forma Parte de Los Metales de Guaco desde Abril del 2010 hasta la Actualidad.


Kender Medina: “ Tocar 1era Trompeta en Guaco ha sido para mí El Reto y La Responsabilidad más importante hasta hoy en mi Carrera.

Rafael Greco


Rafael Greco - Saxophonist


    born in the city of Maracaibo is a saxophonist, composer, arranger, singer and musical producer who has enjoyed a wide ranging and outstanding career, working and performing with groups and artists such as: Guaco, Rawayana, Luisito Quintero, Ricardo Montaner, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jose Luis Rodríguez, Gerry Weil, Ralph Irizarry, Pedro Castillo, Guillermo Carrasco, Yordano, Wahala, Beat 3, Beatríz Valdes, Juanma Trujillo, El Regaño, Jorge Glem Quartet, C4 Trio, Esperanza Marquez, Miguel Delgado Estévez, Luz Marina, Monsalve y Los Forajidos to name just a few


    He has been an integral member of Guaco on two separate occasions: from 1988 to 1999, and later from 2013 to the present


At present, he shares his musical career time with his life as a creative writer, and an outstanding photographer.

Norman Cepeda


Norman Cepeda- Trombonista


  Born in Caracas on October 23th, Mechanical Engineer graduated from the University of Zulia. Feel that he is part of the most daring group in Venezuela.


     Norman studied Trombon at the "Jose Luis Paz" Conservatory of Music since 1982 and also formed part of the "Youth Symphony Orchestra of Maracaibo".


     Speaking of his beginnings, he says that he never imagined that after playing classical music in the "Orquesta Juvenil del Zulia" and Latin Jazz in "Batuke" he would end up in the ranks of GUACO in 1983 as Trombonist.


In addition to being a musician and mechanical engineer Norman is a successful Entrepreneur.


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Phone: +58 (212) 9761485

Instagram: @guacobrass

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Sección de Metales GUACO Actualmente

Juan Carlos Salas, Trompetista desde 1983

Norman Cepeda, Trombonista desde 1983

Rafael Greco, Saxofonista desde 1988-1999 ... 2013

Kender Medina, Trompetista desde 2010

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